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Here we are, nearing the end of the year--and what a year it's been!

We're very grateful for the opportunities we've had to work with new folks and organizations as well as with a few long-time client-friends--all toward creating or re-creating websites that describe and celebrate their work and invite their audiences.

Take a look!

Mary's Pence - what a wonderful and one-of-a-kind organization! They have stories to tell and good news to proclaim. The re-newed website paints a bright and lively picture of the organizations in the Americas that are recipients of ministry grants. It also introduces the ESPERA Funds and the networks of women who are benefitting from the generous contributions of the donors to Mary's Pence. Catch up with all the good news and great stories being lived and uplifted through this organization.

Santuario Sisterfarm - our friends Carol Coston and Elise Garcia, Dominican Sisters of Adrian, founders of Sisterfarm invited us to re-create their website, another one of our early productions. And so we did. And so you will see when you visit the website. You'll find there an invitation to visit the actual place or to take a virtual (video) tour or get an overview via the interactive map. The Santuario Sisterfarm enterprise in all its many aspects is a wonder to behold. So go! Behold!

Salado Creek Boutique at Los Patios is the place to shop for special, unusual, beautiful or whimsical gifts and clothing--for Christmas or any time! If you live in San Antonio, perhaps you haven't visited Los Patios in quite awhile. We hadn't--and returning there is a delight and a surprise all over again, I promise. You really ought to go--and browse the wonderful inventory at Salado Creek Boutique. It's a lovely store, and shopkeeper Gary Wright will offer you a glass of wine to enjoy on the deck under the trees. Check it out!

Friends of El Cruce - When we first heard the story of the people in a place once known as El Cruce de Arroyo Hondo in the Dominican Republic we were completely captivated. Awed, really. Friends of El Cruce tells the story of the the power of women to transform a village. Please visit the website and spread the good word about what can happen when folks organize to create their own future. You can be part of that future by making a donation (large or small) to help write the next chapter in the story. Sisters Maureen Barzantni and Renee Richie, OP, who got the ball rolling there in the D.R. are now on a new mission in Kenya working with orphans. We expect to hear stories of miracles.

La Fe Policy Research & Education Center - Learn about La Fe's work in the community to improve the bienestar (well-being) of Mexican Americans through policy analysis, education, leadership development, civic involvement and advocacy. La Fe's vision is ambitious, comprehensive, and vital! Join us in supporting their work. (January 2014 - La Fe Policy Research & Education Center has closed.)

Sisters of Divine Providence - One of our earliest websites was one for the Sisters of Divine Providence. We have provided maintenance and updates for the website since the beginning, and this year we completed a makeover. They'd be very happy to have you visit the website--and so would we!

Jeanne Strauss - Long-time friend and gentle soul Jeanne Strauss is a psychotherapist in San Antonio. We just launched her re-newed website--and believe us when we say you will learn a lot just by visiting the site. Jeanne believes in sharing resources and providing the information that people can use to manage the challenges of life. You'll learn about emotional wealth and the importance of mindfulness, among many other things. And her website includes a great selection of reading resources to tap into for help and information on all kinds of issues. The site is rich with readable and useful information. Plus it's easy on the eyes!

More news later. Stay tuned!

Just in case you were wondering ...

EquisetumOur website background image includes a stand of equisetum, also known as “scouring rush” and “horsetail fern” (though it’s neither a rush nor a fern). It is a “living fossil,” having survived as the only known genus of its class from Paleozoic times. We like it. And we like the idea of it, a living fossil.

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