Our Clients

Our clients are engaged in works of education, healing of many kinds, spirituality, art, peace-making, economic development, hospitality, ecological wholeness, affordable housing, women's empowerment, human development, and more.

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What our clients are saying ...

"Sister Creek Studios has created a dynamic and artistically beautiful website that draws visitors deeper into our website, sparking a serious engagement in discourse about capital punishment…. We have no doubt that a major part of this project's amazing success can be attributed to our partnership with Sister Creek Studios!"
--Maureen Fenlon, OP, National Coordinator (former), The Dead Man Walking School Theatre Project,
www.dmwplay.org and www.dmwplayground.org

"I have worked with Susan & Vangie at Sister Creek for over two years. They are wonderful to work with. They have great ideas for making our website look unique and inviting. I feel that I can always count on their professional expertise and experience. "
--Paulette Krick, Director of Communications, Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace, www.csjp.org

"Sister Creek Studios was a real find ...a wonderful connection for me into the web world! When we started our new web site, Susan and Vangie walked us through the whole process...listened deeply to the heart of what we were trying to tell about Spirit Mountain Retreat and then came up with a design that we worked with.

"They invited me into ways of thinking how best to express our vision and our mission. This included help in discerning colors, language, photos, style, maneuverability... Sister Creek folks were a blessing and so easy and eager to work with. All my requests for changes, updating, questions were always treated with the utmost priorty. I always felt with Susan and Vangie, that their main concern was about whether their design really captured the essence of what we were trying to share. They even helped clarify our intentions and how best to communicate these.

"Their ability to listen, to communicate options, to clarify intentions, were so professional and yet very personable. With Sister Creek Studios I always feel they had my interests--their client--first and foremost in their mind and heart. Yes it was very important to them, that I be really pleased and satisfied. They have an abundance of professional skill, talent and creativity. What more can you want in a web designer. "
--Esther Kennedy, Director, Spirit Mountain Retreat, www.spiritmountainretreat.org